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Quick Tip: Bee and Insect Houses

Thursday, July 5th, 2018

Quick Tip: Bee and Insect Houses | Sturbridge Yankee Workshop

Adding a bee (or insect house) to your backyard or garden is a great way to promote the health of bees and insects, and in turn, prolong the health and growth of your plants.
The Cedar Bee House to the left is ideal for attracting bees, while the Cedar Insect House to the right will attract bees and other desirable insects, while creating a chemical-free trap for unwanted insects. Learn more about the importance of bees and insects to your outdoor living spaces by clicking here.

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Weekly Spotlight: Camping and the Great Outdoors

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

Camping Dog Indoor/Outdoor RugHappy June 1st! We’ve been ready to kick summer into high gear, and to celebrate the start of Camping Month and Great Outdoors Month® we are featuring five camping essentials to bring with you on your great outdoor excursions.

Whether you’re sleeping in a tent, camper or in a camp with four sturdy walls, an indoor/outdoor rug is a must. This adventurous Camping Dog is perfect for laying down on an outdoor porch or the ground to keep your sleeping quarters or indoor spaces free of dirt. With mountains in the distance and wheels on the road, you may find similarities in your own surroundings that enhance the woodsy charm.

Scented Firestarters

Summer campfires have to be the unofficial mascot of summer. Start warming up or making s’mores with a well-built fire, and if you need a little help to get the flames going, our fire starters will do the trick! With four scents to choose from, you can even make your event or trip a little more cozy.

Scented Camping MugsTo go along with the fire starters, our Scented Camping Mug Candles are perfect for placing on picnic tables or campground stumps for extra lighting and again, a little extra coziness. When the candle is done burning, you have a 10 ounce mug to drink from! Both the Scented Firestarters and Mug Candles are eco-friendly and biodegradable, so you don’t have to worry about leaving to big of a footprint at your camping site or forest cabin.

Kitchen Storage Tins Set

Evergreen Trees Paper Placemat Pads

When you start packing snacks and food for the trip, think about using sealed tin containers for saving space and keeping your goodies fresh throughout your excursion. Our Kitchen Storage Tins come as a set of three, and while they look great in your kitchen at home, they are also ideal containers to bring along this summer.

Finally, make camping cleanup easy with Paper Placemats featuring woodland imagery to complement your natural surroundings. Printed on recycled paper with eco-friendly inks, you won’t have to worry about contributing an environmental mess on your weekend away.

Sturbridge Yankee Workshop

What do you always bring camping or when you go into the woods for a cozy vacation? Let us know below in the comments, and we hope you enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest this summer!

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SYW Celebrates Earth Day with Eco-friendly Outdoor Decor

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Today, April 22nd celebrates Earth Day 2013. Around the world various organizations and individuals are taking action to raise awareness about the issues surrounding the preservation and protection of our environment. Whether volunteering to help clean up your community, understanding your personal carbon footprint, or actively taking steps to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into your life, Earth Day shines a light on how even the smallest of contributions can make an impact on future generations.

Here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we are proud to offer a variety of home furnishings and home decor that meets the needs of those wishing to support an Eco-friendly lifestyle. And for the spring season, that gets us thinking about the outdoors. Keep reading to see how making smart decisions with the products you purchase, can make a big difference.

Grade A Teak

Perfect for accenting a patio, porch or backyard deck environment this season, is Sturbridge’s collection of Teak Furniture. For quality outdoor seating, consider our Teak Folding Chair, pictured here to the left. Designed with kiln dried wood, this folding chair conveniently comes as a set of 2. The wood is plantation grown, Grade A teak, that fulfills the requirements of sustainable forest initiatives. In addition to supporting Eco-friendly practices, the chairs fold easily and its seat back provides ergonomic support as well, for a durable and comfortable choice. Other outdoor chairs and tables are also available.

Cor-Ten Steel

Shown here to the left is an image of our Green Sling Hangers. When looking for ways to add interest to your outdoor decor over the next few months, consider the use of one of our Green Sling Hangers; available in 10″L and 16″L. Ideal for hanging bells, plants, birdhouses and more, you can easily display them on tree branches, gutters, a railing or any outdoor hook. They are made from environmentally safe, Cor-Ten steel, which both creates a natural patina on the surface and increases the piece’s strength. Get inventive in your garden, patio, deck, or other outdoor decorating, with the unique ’s’ shaped, scrolled design. Proudly made in Maine, we know you will definitely find multiple uses of these hangers throughout the coming season.

Coir Fiber

Another suitable outdoor item for your home, that is constructed with the environment in mind, would be any of our Coir Doormats. Pictured below is our Butterfly Garden Coir Mat. Welcome your guests to an inviting garden scene upon entrance to your home with this beautiful doormat. Produced of mostly machine-tufted coir yarns, coir is actually 100% natural coconut fiber. This durable, bristle-like fiber is a renewable and sustainable resource, that will also keep your floors cleaner with its natural scrubbing feature; keeping the dirt and mud outside where it belongs.

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