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Decorating with Color: Pastels

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

Pastels are fun to play with in the springtime, especially since almost every color has a pastel hue. Below we’ve featured a few ways you can incorporate soft colors into your home seasonally or permanently.

In the Kitchen

We love the look of pastels in the kitchen. You can go as drastic as painting all of your cabinets in a pastel hue, or coordinating countertop appliances in a pastel color (or multiple!). If you alike open shelving, opt for some decorative pastel dishware to display during the springtime.

Photo by British Standard by Plain EnglishDiscover kitchen design ideas

Dining Room Whimsy

While we would prefer one or maybe two colors, we think these pastel dining room chairs add a fun atmosphere to the space. Even on vintage chairs, pastel yellows or blues would give any dining area a youthful cottage look.

Photo by Osez Interiors by Dominique FournierSearch dining room pictures

Different Living Room Looks

For a less permanent pastel display, switch out accent pillows, curtains, throw blankets and perhaps a rug this spring with those decorated in pastels. Or, if you’re feeling like committing fully to the soft pastel look, change your furniture and be in a cheerful, spring mood all year long.

Photo by Bee’s Knees Design, LLCBrowse living room ideas
Photo by Clarke & ClarkeLook for living room design inspiration

Bed and Bath

The bathroom is possibly the best room to decorate in pastels all year long. These tranquil hues – on the walls, in tiles and in the decor – are perfect for getting a spa-like feel every time you step inside. Soft colors are also great for a bedroom; because pastels aren’t very bright or bold, your bedroom can be the soothing space it should be.

Photo by Karen Gallagher InteriorsBrowse powder room photos
Photo by KronfotoLook for kids’ room design inspiration
Photo by Hamilton Wills DesignLook for bedroom pictures

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Decorating with Color: Red Exteriors

Thursday, February 15th, 2018

Red is a permanent fixture in many of our country homes. Darker shades offer more rustic charm while brighter shades can be more whimsical or modern; whatever your preference (including mixing the shades together!), this color adds life to indoor furnishings and decor. But today we want to share some ways you can (and should!) incorporate red externally, and if you have some different ideas or images of how you use this color in your home’s exterior, leave a comment or drop by our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Simple touches like lawn furniture or a door add a delightful
pop of red when you don’t want it to be the dominant color.

Photo by Vail General Contracting Inc.Search exterior home pictures
Exterior accent walls can give your home a unique look, especially when
they are done in red. Painting the covered part of this porch red brightens
the space without, again, making it the dominant exterior color.
Photo by Martha O’Hara InteriorsSearch entryway design ideas
One of the most classic looks here in New England
and on homesteads across the country is the red barn
and white farmhouse. Now, of course not everyone has a large
barn they can paint red, but you can apply the same idea to a garden
shed, tool shed or even a pool house to get that timeless pop of color.
Photo by Connor HomesSearch exterior home pictures
Coordinating red with natural colors works to tone down the bright hue,
while maintaining a welcoming country look.
Photo by Spring IslandMore exterior home photos
Of course, you can always go big with red by touching every exterior wall
and emphasizing the color with white trim – another classic rural look.
Photo by Bret Franks Construction, Inc.Browse exterior home photos

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Decorating with Color: Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Pantone®’s Ultra Violet is 2018’s Color of the Year, and whether your love it or just like it, we have some ideas for incorporating this rich color into (and outside of) your home.

Three techniques are seen in the photo below.
  • Small accents like pillows and flowers bring this lovely color
    into any room with minimal commitment on your part.
  • Curtains in this shade act to deepen the window sill
    while maintaining a cheerful look in a room.
  • An accent wall in Ultra Violet is a bigger commitment,
    but as you can see here it looks beautiful when finished.

Photo by Gabriel Holland Interior DesignLook for home design pictures
Ultra Violet upholstery adds a fun look to a living room, den or kids’ room, and if you’re still
on board with velvet, this just may be the perfect color for that material. You can coordinate
pieces like in the image below, or add a nice pop of color with an accent chair in this shade.
Photo by Leslie Benson DesignsDiscover family room design inspiration
Okay, this is more for our “dream home wishlist,” but doesn’t this stove look exceptional?!
Ultra Violet appliances get a thumbs up from us.
Photo by Stephen Graver LtdMore kitchen ideas
These final two spaces are obviously not indoors, but we had to include them
because this color looks perfect out in a yard or garden. Purple, green and orange
happen to be triadic colors – meaning they are equally spaced in the color wheel – which
makes them perfect complements when used correctly.
Because green is such a dominant color in nature, this subtle use of a purple shade
creates a perfect balance – it’s not too severe and it’s not overpowered. Add orange
flowers or just bask in the yellow-orange of the sun and enjoy your Ultra Violet
furniture outside (UV rays are in sunlight, after all!).
Photo by River Valley Landscapes & PoolsBrowse landscaping ideas
Photo by Clinton & Associates, PC Landscape ArchitectsBrowse patio ideas

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