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Five Ways to Wallpaper

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Now with so many options for wallpaper, it may seem more simple or less exhausting to just throw some paint up on your walls. But with these five ways to wallpaper your home, narrowing down your preferences can be the key to moving forward with that textured, shiny or printed wallpaper.

With Birds

It’s no surprise that we found a bird-patterned wallpaper to include on this list. Birds are excellent motifs to use in your home because they can be quite versatile, complementing farmhouse, modern, industrial and Victorian styles (and others). The colors in this example are great; they are actually colors you may see on birds in the wild, and the gray tree trunks enhance visual appeal without overwhelming the eye. Plus, birds can be wonderfully charismatic, even as a pattern on your walls.

Photo by Discover farmhouse bathroom design inspiration

Using Bold Patterns on Small Walls

Especially if you’re searching for something different to adorn the walls of a kitchen, closet, powder room or the little wall space around a doorway, a bold pattern can make the entire space stand out. Take a look at the kitchen below. The uniform cabinetry is made more classic by pairing it with a wallpaper with plenty of attitude. The black background also opens up the space, making it seem a little larger than it is, while the greenery and blooms contribute cheerful colors to the room.

Photo by Studio S InteriorsDiscover farmhouse kitchen design ideas

Perfectly Coordinated

Sometimes prints and patterns can look completely different when put up on multiple walls, so if you aren’t as willing to risk that happening, go for a more perfectly coordinated look. Match the primary color(s) of the room with the color(s) in the patterned wallpaper, and try to keep the number of colors in that pattern to less than three. Or, you can try a more customized route and get a wallpaper that perfectly matches upholstery, linens or both in a bedroom or living room!

Photo by Smith & Robertson, Inc.Look for farmhouse kitchen pictures
Photo by Browse farmhouse bedroom photos

With Subtlety

Using a muted color or pattern on your walls can still bring plenty of style to a room. Especially if you plan on wallpapering every wall, soft colors, or one color, can make any pattern blend beautifully into the room.

Photo by Karen SteinbergBrowse farmhouse bedroom photos
Photo by Susan Anthony InteriorsLook for farmhouse bedroom pictures

As a Filler

This technique is ideal for a room that doesn’t necessarily need any decor or art, like a laundry room or utility room, but could still benefit from a little personality. Using a small amount of wallpaper, or even putting it on 1/3 of a wall, can offer a room more style while not taking the attention away from other elements or furniture in the room.

Photo by Sunday Home InteriorsMore farmhouse laundry room ideas
How have you used wallpaper in your home? Share your stories and ideas in the comments below!

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Wednesday Spotlight: Birds

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

Garden Delight Hooked Wool Pillow in Red

As one of your (and our!) favorite decorative accents, we couldn’t ignore some of our new favorite bird décor items that you can find in our fall catalog. For this week’s spotlight, we are illuminating a couple of these new favorites along with some great items that you’ve grown to love. Birds will complement almost any room décor; whether you have a nature-inspired design or a clean-line modern look, so fill your home with avian inspired accents and enjoy the friendliness and charm they bring to your home all year long.

We’ll start with an addition to one of our loveliest pillow collections: the Garden Delight hooked wool pillows from artist Katie McCrostie. Now available in red, this pillow features simple garden imagery complemented by birds resting among the leaves and flowers. The red background will make a statement on any sofa or bench, and looks great next to its Beige counterpart.

Bird Nest Tealight HolderThis cute little guy makes a perfect addition to any centerpiece or small table. Place a real or flameless tealight or votive in his nest; he’ll silently watch over it as you go about your day. Carved to look like real wood, the details on the bird’s body and the twigs of the nest create a rustic appeal that exudes charm as they are illuminated by candle light.

Speaking of light – one of the most colorful and charming pieces in our fall catalog has to be the Home Tweet Home Night Light. You’ll admire its bright, festive colors during the day and be even more impressed with the homey birdhouse and its avian inhabitants when they are illuminated in a hallway or bedroom at night.Home Tweet Home Night Light

Bird Trio Planter

Set of 4 Pedestal Birds

We know many of you keep beautiful and thriving gardens, so our next accent is a planter for indoor or outdoor use. Three bluebirds will keep your plants company, and give you extra space for growing more during the summer and spring. Place on the railing of a covered porch to welcome your guests, or display on a windowsill and allow your plants to get as much light as needed.

We end this week’s Spotlight with a new bird accent, or rather accents. These four avian companions will add regal charm to any mantel, bookshelf or table centerpiece, as well as pops of color and charming details. They look great next to plants, candles and other décor pieces, and with varying heights they will give your displays intriguing depth.

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