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Sturbridge Decorating Tip: Create a Calming Space

Friday, August 15th, 2014

Muted colors and nature inspired motifs create an inviting, calming space to relax in the living room.

Decorating With: Cute Country Cows

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014
Cow, bovine, bessie, heifer. No matter what you call them, cow motifs create instant country charm in a kitchen, dining room, bathroom or bedroom.
Wholesome Farm Sign
Country Cow

Imagine your country kitchen  transformed into a fun environment where cow themed accents come to play. Red, white, and black colors ring out in Country Cow Large Serving Bowl, perfect for accenting your current style or for adding that completing piece to bring a look together. Whether you use this stoneware bowl everyday or simply keep it on display to enhance country cow decorating, its deep sides and hand painted features are sure to please. Wholesome Farm Sign continues with the cow theme while offering a muted, rustic farmhouse approach. Use this sign above a doorway or even on a wall in a dining room.

Country Cow Large Serving Bowl Front View

Fresh Milk Print Wonderful Wall Art

In Fresh Milk Print, artist Bonnie White shows us what life on the farm is like. Grain silos are full to the top no doubt and cows are ready to be milked as townsfolk gather around for the fresh treat. Rustic homesteads in rich colors create rural charm. Continuing in a pastoral trend, Good Pastures Wall Border can be used in any home currently decorated in lighter pastel colors or with a focus on rural landscape imagery. Rolling hills and soft sky colors complete this simple picture. Use the large spool to create instant borders in your kitchen or dining room, easy to apply and use.

Good Pastures Wall Border

Cows and Barnyard Buds

Cows, sheep, roosters and pigs. What more could a country home ask for? When searching for other accents to go along with your rustic cow style, reach towards other animal prints like the ones shown here on Burlap Barnyard Pillow and Valance. Burlap fabric accented by distressed printed imagery and barn red stripes creates just the right look for a dining room or living room. These friendly farm animals join in on the fun to create a cohesive ranch home look. Also available in a table runner, this collection will make your room feel quite country indeed.

Burlap Barnyard Pillow
Burlap Barnyard Valance

Example of Rustic Farmhouse Animal Themed Decorating What Works With Cow Print?

As shown above, cow themed home accents can range from stark contrast with black and white prints to rustic charm or pastoral beauty. Coordinate your cow themed kitchen or dining room with other themes easily incorporated to make the whole room shine.

Black, White and Red All Over: Red is a wonderful accent to black and white. Offering stark contrast and modern appeal, red can take the form of apples, cherries, or bright red roosters. For more rustic farmhouse animal themes, try deep barn red instead, as shown in the environment to the left.

Green as the Grass: Green is another great option for decorating with a black and white cow print scheme, offering a playful atmosphere full of life. To tone things down a bit, go for muted dark green colors.

Pastel is Pastoral: Continue adding additional soft colors into your home when decorating with peaceful options such as Good Pastures Wall Border shown above. Lighter colors will keep things feeling fresh and new.

Holiday Decorating with a Red & White Theme at SYW

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Decorating for the holiday season means unpacking all of those boxes of ornaments, accents and decorative sculptures that have been tucked away since last year, waiting patiently to shine on display once more. Many people decorate with different themes in their homes, be it certain color combinations, types of sculptures such as all snowmen or all penguins, or the like. Here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we aim to make decorating your home as easy as possible, and have compiled some of our favorite decorating themes for you to gather inspiration from. Today we are featuring a red and white theme. A classic, as sweet as peppermint decorating choice that works year after year.

Red and White Lighting

Red is a warm, emotional color whereas white is an innocent and simple color. Perhaps the combination of these two is what truly makes the contrast so enjoyable.  Here we feature very easy ways to incorporate red and white colors into your home decor this year, starting with lighting options. For flame-free, smoke-free lighting, try our Scented Forever Candle, in the Pomegranate scent and red color, or choose white, with a vanilla scent. Or, try our set of two Lighted Cardinal Glass Jars. Crackled glass and painted features make for magical lighting.

Pomegranate Scented Forever Pillar
Set of Two Cardinal Glass Lights

Peppermints Collection Storage Peppermint Accents

Peppermint may be the most popular treat during the holiday season. A candy cane slowly melting in hot chocolate, a swirl of white and red sweetness with the familiar scent of peppermint. Have your fill of peppermint, without the sugar, with our collection of red and white striped items. Here we feature our Peppermints Collection, to store all of your baking supplies in the kitchen, and other items, too! Store your salt and pepper in the Peppermint Salt and Pepper Shakers all season long for added festivity.

Peppermint Salt and Pepper Shakers

Red & White for Dining and Living Rooms

You have carried the theme throughout the house, but how about your dining room table? Enhance the look of the red and white contrast by using our Believe Table Runner, or the Felt Star Runner on your table or mantel space all season long. Comfortable wool chair pads like our Snowflake Hooked Wool option, offer sturdy seating with red and white charm.

Believe Table Runner
Snowflake Hooked Wool Chair Pad Felt Star Table Runner

Mini Chenille Candy Canes Bring It All Together on Your Holiday Tree

Nothing says the holidays more than a fresh evergreen tree adding a wonderful scent to your home all season long. Decorate that tree in tune with the rest of the red and white decorations around the house. Start simple with our set of two Crochet and Burgundy Glass Ornaments, and enhance the theme with our set of 12 Mini Chenille Candy Canes. The red and white Felt Pinecone Snowman Ornament will add a touch of whimsical charm. Any of these items would also make fantastic gifts!

Red Felt Pinecone Snowman Ornament

How do you like to decorate for the holidays? Let us know in the comments below!