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Get the Look: Winter Centerpiece Basics

Thursday, December 21st, 2017

Here are some basic tips for creating a simple yet charming winter centerpiece or tablescape. We have included a look from the tables in our break room that perfectly exemplifies how easy it is to create a seasonal atmosphere on any table.

Santa Centerpiece at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop

Snowflakes - The least you can do is throw some snowy accents onto a table. These snowflakes are made of lace, but you could also get crafty and make snowflakes out of high quality or decorative paper. Use less if you’re going big, and many more if the flakes are small.

Glass jar - With a glass jar (or many) there is so much you can do. To keep it simple, we added a pine sprig to this handled glass jar – a little greenery can go a long way! If you don’t have any specialty jars or Mason jars, employ an empty vase or use a clean and de-labeled wine bottle and fill with greenery, sparkly beads or fake snow.

Collectible or Sculpture - These can be easily switched out as you celebrate specific holidays or occasions (like switching out Santa for a snowman after Christmas), and put an additional seasonal spin on the overall look. A figurine also gives you more of a chance to personalize the centerpiece, and maybe even act as a conversation starter (decorative salt and pepper shakers are great for this, too!).

Lighting – During the winter, extra lighting adds more warmth to your decor and, since the days are short, more light! We used a flameless candle in the jar for worry-free lighting. We also placed a small string of lights inside of this metal star to give the centerpiece more illumination (below you can see the star without the lights).

Check off these four centerpiece basics and celebrate winter more beautifully. Share your centerpieces with us on Facebook or Twitter, and tell us if we’ve missed any tablescape must-haves!

Snowman Centerpiece at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop

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Collectible Figurine Displays

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

There are many people who collect all sorts of interesting figurines, made from ceramics, porcelain, wood, fabric, wool and other materials.

While many collectables are quite pretty on their own, and many people enjoy simply looking at all their collectibles, here’s a really neat idea:

Create a scene! On a flat surface, perhaps a table top, put a simple piece of colored fabric down. Use blocks of wood, or small boxes underneath to provide some levels and contours. Now, select a few of your collectable figures and arrange them in a scene. Add simple items you can find outdoors or around your house for an even more interesting touch, perhaps some large flowers to give the illusion of smaller size to your figures.
Next – change your scenes regularly. Perhaps a new scene for each holiday!

Feel free to mix and match from your figures! There are no rules in this.

Imagine, a Hang on Kitty Wooly racing down the hill with toboggan wooly! Use cotton batting as the base fabric to simulate a snowy hill and enjoy!

If you’ve got little ones running around, your breakable figurines may need to be put away, but not the Yankee Workshop’s own Wooly Figurines. These figures are cute little snowmen arranged in adorable poses, and would go wonderfully in many scenes you could create. Not only that, if a child drops one of these, they’re not going to shatter into a million pieces.

Woolys are 100% made in the USA, from real Sheep wool. Each is completely unique, with interesting hats and scarves and other accessories. Have a look at just a couple here:

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