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Decorating Americana All Year Long

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014
The joyful spirit of American pride is always celebrated here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop. Americana themed decorating can be bold in style or expressed through subtle patriotic undertones. It can be shown through obvious use of red, white, and blue or it may simply highlight the idea or message of pride, honor, and patriotism. Americana could be your new decorating style of choice and at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we make it easy to do.
Patriotic Pillows Americana Wreath
Liberty Coasters Americana on Parade

Showcase your patriotism in every room, all year long if you wish, with simple home accents like Americana themed candles, coasters and more, it is easy to spread your style across the house. Americana Coaster Set features artwork by Patrick De Santis on four stoneware coasters in their own storage container. Americana Candle Jar features sweet smells of your favorite desserts: Baked Apple Pie, Vanilla Crème Brulee and Blueberry Muffin. Patriotic Flowers Potholder is perfect for that special addition to your kitchen, or for giving as a gift.

Americana Candle Jar Patriotic Flowers Potholder

Patriotic Wall Art

At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we have a wide variety of patriotic themed prints and signs for your wall as well. Historic faces, events, and vintage inspired signs will be just the addition you need for your Americana decorated home. Start simple with an American face we all recognize, that of Abraham Lincoln, shown here on Gettysburg Address Print by folk artist Tim Campbell. Rustic Metal Stars offer country charm in addition to patriotic symbolism inside or outside your home. It is easy to see why Chuck Pinson’s American Roots Print would be a welcome addition to any Americana themed home.

Gettysburg Address Print
American Roots Print Rustic Metal Stars

Star Hooked Wool Pillow Red, White & Blue for Pillows, Too

Accent every seat in your home with patriotic pillows that offer style and comfort, all at the same time. Star Hooked Wool Pillow is a sweet touch anytime of year, matching with other star shapes in any room. Liberty Stripe Toss Pillow can be used either inside on a couch or settee or outside on a porch or deck chair where it can be enjoyed by all during warm weather events. George Washington Pillow features a delightful folk art inspired image by artist Tonya Crawford in hand hooked wool.

Liberty Stripe Toss Pillow George Washington Pillow

Wave Your Flag with Pride

We see a lot of symbolism created through the use of an American flag and we have a variety of flags to choose from. Use a flag outside the front or back door to set the tone for your patriotic theme, and then carry that theme into your home by adding just the right accents to showcase your style in every room. 50 Star Flag, is crafted from quality antiqued cotton for a truly vintage look. Mini Fan Flag offers a festive option, and Patriotic Clock will look great all year long in a kitchen or even a home office.

50 Star Flag
Patriotic Wall Clock Mini Fan Flag

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Made in the USA: Spring Prints

Monday, March 10th, 2014
Enhance any wall space with vibrant colors that harken to warm days under welcoming sunshine amongst bright blooms in a garden or park. What’s more, all of the prints featured here are proudly made in the USA.
Sweet Garden Print and Sturbridge Lantern Lamp
Old Roses Print Flowers Abound

Blooming flowers are a sure sign of warm weather. Spring brings with it bulbs and bright favorites like tulips and daffodils while summer shows us rapidly growing plants eager to spread their blooms across the yard. Old Roses Print shows us a cherished rose garden outside of a charming cottage. Imagine sitting here and enjoying a cup of tea with friends and family on warm sunny days, looking forward to bright blooms and sweet scents from season to season. Vermont artist Fred Swan uses his stunning ability to capture natural spaces to welcome us to this respite place.

Bold Barns

Large, usually red, barns are a favorite amongst country landscape painters as they offer a grounded location within the painting on which the rest of the scene is balanced. Here on Spring Red Barn Print artist Dan Campanelli shows us how tranquil bright days can be. Sheep graze amongst the shadows under the blooming tree while a bright blue sky welcomes us all to another day. Blue, red and green combine together with neutral tones to create a stunning statement on any wall of your home.

Spring Red Barn Print

Harbingers of Spring Wall Plaque Signs of Spring

Artist Billy Jacobs paints rural country scenes, especially in Eastern states where season variations and changes are watched by all including feathered friends. In Harbingers of Spring Wall Plaque, Blooming trees peek into the picture as red winged blackbirds and a robin perch amongst a barbed wire fence, searching for tasty treats amongst the grass and wildflowers. In the background we see a large red barn with an old silo, perhaps abandoned after all these years.

Gorgeous Gardens

Whether or not you are a gardener yourself, you can most likely appreciate the amount of time and effort that goes into maintaining flower beds, vegetable plots and herb plants. Chuck Pinson shows us his interpretation of a Sweet Garden, full of whimsical sights like horses, bunnies and birds all enjoying the smells and sights of this perfectly maintained space. Imagine that this is your very own special retreat into a land of vibrant color and peaceful landscapes, waiting for you until the next time you choose to enjoy all that it has to offer.

Sweet Garden Print

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Decorating with Fall Prints at SYW

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

As the summer season comes to an end, we look forward to all that fall has to offer.  Crisp breezes, vibrant colors, and lots of opportunity for new decor.  Let’s take a peek at the fall prints offered now at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop. Add instant vibrancy to any room with the wide array of prints currently available.  With well-known artists who really know how to capture the realistic colors of the season, you are sure to find the perfect print to accent your walls this year.

The Colors of Fall Abound in Chuck Pinson Prints

Artist Chuck Pinson is well known for his realistic, naturally lit artwork.  The overall detail of these prints, Reflections and The Bluebird’s Song, is quite spectacular, and photo reproductions simply do not do them justice.  The bold colors of rapidly changing autumn leaves and bright late summer wildflowers complement the muted browns in the grasses of the Reflections Print.  In Bluebird’s Song, we see many songbirds enjoying the bright hues of the sky behind them.

Reflections Print

Bluebird's Song Print

Beauty and Peace With Artist Glynda Turley

Artist Glynda Turley is well known for bringing the viewer into a place of harmony and peace.  In the Old Mill Stream Print, the magical calmness of the forest scene is not disturbed by the bright autumn leaves on the trees in the background.

In Autumn Splendor, the rich and bold colors of the tree leaves and pumpkins are nicely complemented by the muted greens of the pastures in the background.

Old Mill Stream Print

Autumn Splendor Print

Vibrancy and Folk Art Style With Bonnie White

Artist Bonnie White is well known for her whimsical, early American folk art scenes.  Full of vibrancy and bold colors, the Colors of Fall Print shows off Bonnie’s ability to enhance her art work with many, many colors. Celebrate the festivity of Halloween this October with the Three Little Witches Print.

Colors of Fall Print

Three Little Witches Print

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