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Quick Tip: Natural Centerpieces

Thursday, April 5th, 2018

Quick Tip: Natural Centerpieces | Sturbridge Yankee Workshop

For a quick and easy centerpiece, group together two or three items on a serving platter, tray, small tote or decorative dish that are inspired by nature. In keeping a natural theme, different textures and materials will maintain a cohesive look.
Shown Here: Garden Birds Lace Table Topper

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Holiday Tablescape Idea Board

Thursday, December 14th, 2017

Kick your holiday or Christmas tablescape up a notch with these ideas (and home accents) for creating the perfect tablescape. As you can see below, a well decorated table should be complementary, if not matching. Incorporating evergreen trees – flocked, wood, ceramic, etc. – brings the whole look together, and makes it easy to transition from holiday to winter (or vice versa). Glass jars filled with white lights or decorated in ribbon are also easy to put together and can be used for anything after the season is over. We like the look of this rustic bowl, and while it could hold candy, desserts (on a liner) or other food items, placing glass ornaments inside creates a sparkling focal point on your table. Collectibles and decorative salt & pepper shakers are perfect for filling spaces or creating a small holiday scene for your dinner and party guests to admire.

*You may notice we left candles off this idea board – that’s because they are a given!

Holiday Tablescape Idea Board | Holiday Decorating Ideas

1. Evergreen Tree Salt & Pepper Shakers | 2. Holiday Dogs Salt & Pepper Shakers |
3. Christmas Ribbon Glass Jar (more sizes) | 4. Sleigh Ride Collectible | 5. Glass Ball Ornament Set |
6. Mini Bottle Brush Trees | 7. Mini Wood Tree Set

What do you incorporate into a centerpiece or tablescape? Share your ideas and photos with us on our Facebook page or on Twitter. Happy holidays from all of us at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop!

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Get the Look for Your Spring Centerpiece

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

Sometimes you find just the right look for decorating your home in photos on Pinterest or other online sources, but are not sure where exactly to find the pieces that helped create that look. Today’s post is about three spring centerpieces we adore, and telling you how to create them using items in your home or in our catalog.

51 Adorable Tulips Arrangements For Spring Home Decor

Dreamy Whites

This first arrangement adds a simple elegance to any table, mantel or counter, and only takes a few steps. All you need is a Mason jar or large canning jar and some of your favorite blooms. Whether picked fresh from a garden or from our faux sprays and bunches selection, you will have an appealing country home accent for your table in no time. Fill the jar with water for real flowers, and use colored rocks, glass beads or straw for the everlasting variety. Our Quart Mason Jar and Flowers are perfect combinations.

Glass Storage Caddy with Hydrangea Bunch

If you want a little more variety in your centerpiece flowers but still want to maintain a cohesive look, a tin or metal container with multiple compartments is what you’re looking for. Use full blooming flowers in one, long grasses in another and a petite bunch in the third. The brighter the flowers the better, especially in a gray or silver antiqued container.

Designs by Gollum

And if you’re ever in any doubt about styling a
add more
home accents!

For spring, rabbits, baby chickens, lambs and eggs in pastels or naturally bright colors are what you want to look for. Go classic with materials (glass, ceramic, paper) and you’ll be surprised at how big of a statement your spring centerpiece will make.

For more tips and ideas on styling centerpieces and decor for spring, visit our website.

Set of Three Fuzzy Chicks

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