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New Framed Prints at SYW — Artist Charles Wysocki

Friday, October 12th, 2012

At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we are pleased to now have a fine art selection from the talented artist, Charles Wysocki. For the Holiday 2012 Catalog we have added two more prints from Charles; well-known pieces by the those who are familiar with his work.

Pictured here to the left is the whimsical, Frederick the Literate Print. Frederick the cat lazily stretches out on a bookshelf after a long day of reading some of his favorite novels; such as ‘A Tale of Two Kitties.’ Any cat lover or fan of Charles Wysocki will enjoy making note of all the details in the print, including reading some of the feline themed titles. This would be a clever print to hang in a home office or study. Also new this season, is the beautiful Cape Cod Christmas Print, shown below. Carolers, ice skaters and reindeer-drawn sleigh rides, are just some of the activities you’ll find amongst the hustle and bustle of our Cape Cod Christmas Print. You can see the beauty of Cape Cod Bay in the distance as the full moon hovers over town this Christmas holiday. Both of these framed prints have a textured finish and are proudly made in the USA.

About the Artist

Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1928, Charles was actually inspired to be an artist from a very young age. While his father who worked at Ford Motor Co. was more hesitant in his support, Charles’s mother fully backed his artistic ventures. After a two year tour of duty in the U.S. Army, Charles was excited to begin his studies at the Art Center in Los Angeles, California (now in Pasadena). Completing a major in advertising illustration and design, in 1955 he joined the staff at McNamera Brothers, based in Detroit. Mr. Wysocki grew restless of being away from the west coast however, and in 1959 he and three other artists formed the advertising agency, Group West. His career as a freelance artist had never been better, and commercial artwork was his primary focus.

While living and working in Los Angeles, he received numerous awards, and also met his wife, Elizabeth. Elizabeth had grown up on a farm, and Charles became instantly drawn to the simplicity and American values instilled in such a lifestyle; this is considered by his family to be a turning point for Charles’s artistic style. During the 1960’s Charles and Elizabeth had three children, David, Millicent, and Matthew. Charles supported his family on the original paintings he sold.

Charles Wysocki received the highest medal of honor from the National Society Daughter’s of the American Revolution. In addition, he published two books, “An American Celebration” in 1985 and “Heartland” in 1993. Later into the 1990’s, he opened his own gallery in what was now the family’s hometown, Lake Arrowhead. Artwork he created towards the end of his life, is said by those who know him to be some of his best work, and all were made into canvas transfers or limited edition prints.

~ Consider a framed Charles Wysocki print for a gift idea this holiday season; a friend or family member will surely treasure the art for years to come.

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Artist Profile: Laurie Meseroll

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Today we feature one of our newer artists at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, talented artist Laurie Meseroll. Her Furr Ball Print pictured here to the left, is one of our new prints this summer. A sly looking black and white cat plays with a pink flowery cat toy. Set is a slightly distressed, black wood frame, this print features a beautiful textured finish. Proudly made in the USA, the cat’s eyes will surely be an attention-getter on any wall of your home. As part of our American made promotion this summer, the Furr Ball Print is now on sale for only $69.95.

Laurie Meseroll has come to achieve a very unique style over the years and has made a name for herself in the folk art world. Her folk art is considered “non-traditional,” in that there is a depth to her paintings not always seen in this art genre. For example in the print to the left, the cat is personified in such a way that you feel he/she is actually watching you. The painting also resembles a school or at home art project; witnessing the hand drawn pencil lines on top of old newspaper. Laurie uses a variety of mediums to garner her distinctive look. Such as: essentially altered acrylics, blood orange cold finishing wax, lavender rice paste and a cold process brush soap; just to name a few. The creativity seen in both her processes and end result, categorize her artwork as ‘folk art media paintings.’

Growing up she loved to paint and understood her true interest for art. Laurie however explored other avenues before settling into the full time artist that she is today. She was trained both as a sculptor and an architect; working on commission architecture projects during the 1990’s. Her art today is influenced by many passions. In addition to painting, she loves to write and has a love for food and travel. Laurie has been features in Where Women Create and PRIMS Magazines. Last year she even taught workshops at The Creative Connection Event 2011; a national conference that raises awareness on empowering women creativity.  She shared her knowledge on “Studio Alchemy – Handmade Studio Art” and led a class on “The Poetic Painter.” Students and artists learned how to use poetry as a means for composing lyrical mixed media paintings. Laurie’s abilities to paint for both the soul and the eyes, to create characters and stories that offer stillness and reflection, are appreciated and highly recognized in the modern art world. Laurie now lives and works in Ohio.

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