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Weekly Spotlight: Thankful for Family

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

America-opoly GameMany of us will be giving a little extra thanks tomorrow as we sit down for dinner, so today we are spotlighting five home accents related to family.

America-opoly Game

Many of us still cherish family game nights and taking time out of our busy lives to have good old fashioned fun with our family. This board game is a spinoff of the classic Monopoly game, and features American landmarks and holidays.

Family Puzzle Piece FrameHome Life Antique Tin Sign

Home Life Antique Sign

This metal sign speaks for itself:

“What I love best about my home
is the family I share it with.”

Family Puzzle Piece Frame

Sheep Family Hooked Wool Pillow | Artist Stephanie StoufferAdd a new photo frame to your walls with this fun puzzle piece. It holds two 4″ x 6″ photographs, and is inscribed with the following sentiment: “Our family is like the branches of a tree. We may grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one. Generations of love.”

Sheep Family Hooked Wool Pillow

One of our newest hooked wool pillows features a charming family of sheep hanging out together in the barn. This home accent adds a sweet image to your family room or an entryway.



Buttermilk Folk Art Family RugCrimson Folk Art Family Rug

Folk Art Family Rug

This rug collection has been in our family for many years, and we are grateful that you have made it a staple in your home for just as long. If you would like to learn more about each Folk Art Family Rugs, just click on the images shown here.

Folk Art Family Rug

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Games on the Go!

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

For years and years there have been road games like “Animal, Vegetable, Mineral” or “Count the Cows” – old time classics. That is until recently the movement to electronic devices has made the car trip a bit isolating. This year, bridge the gap between the front and rear seats with fun and engaging games built to travel. Road trips may stir groans but these games are here to make the trip short and full of fun. These are sure to help fill the car with laughter and smiles for hours no matter how long or short your trip happens to be.

Find It GameWe at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop know what it’s like to travel long distances and short drives too. You can make any trip fly by with the Find It Game. It’s an easy pick up game – jump into finding one of the 47 pieces that is hidden in the recycled pellets. Pass it and watch them shake, rattle, and spin the container. Out find and seek the tiny feather or clothes line clip. Get the giggle on the way to grandma’s with this great travel game.

Camp Travel GameSpeaking of trips – the Camp Travel Game is perfect for those long treks. Think you know the outdoors? Show off your wit of all things Camping. The board is designed to be used across seats in the car. It packs into it self so it can be tucked under a chair or in the back ready to play another round at any time. The Camp Travel Game has also been chosen by Dr. Toy as one of the Best Vacation Products. Decode, spin, and set yourself up for victory at your next stop – it’s perfect for park benches. Bring along this great travel game next time, and you are sure to forget about the long road ahead.

Pachisi board gameHave a small space, or want a small game to play while waiting for the plane? This authentic version of Pachisi is perfect. The game is played on a handmade batik cloth – bright with color and easy to pack up. Play with up to four others and roll the throwing sticks to make your move. Plane is boarding early? Simply roll up the ‘board’ and pack it away in seconds. This game is made to go where you go, and is great for ages 8 and up.

Baseball Vintage Tin GameLooking for something really mobile? Take a Baseball Vintage Tin with you. Roll the dice and play ball, play a full game of baseball right in your lap or table in front of you. The game comes as a collectible tin making the game fun for kids to keep and for adults to pack in their suitcase. Keep track of score, play a few innings here and a few there. This USA made vintage game is perfect for any way you are going.

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