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Favorite Macaroon/Macaron Recipes

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

It’s National Macaroon Day! Although this particular day doesn’t seem to have deep importance in the life of a macaroon, we’re celebrating anyway with a round-up of some irresistible macaroon recipes. We’re also including one for the French Macaron, for more experienced or adventurous bakers. Enjoy!

Coconut Macaroons

Coconut Macaroons

Perhaps the easiest recipe in the books, this Coconut Macaroon Recipe from Once Upon a Chef gives you the choice to add a chocolate bottom or not. You can also drizzle the chocolate on top of the finished macaroons if preferred.

Coconut-Apricot Macaroons

For an added fruity flavor, these Coconut-Apricot Macaroons from Martha Stewart are also relatively simple to make and include an extra delectable flavor to impress guests, family and friends. We would avoid adding chocolate to these, but to each their own!

French Macarons

French Macarons

The infamous French Macaron is a little more complex to make, but not impossible! This version from lays out great instructions on whipping up this delightful treat.

Macaron vs. Macaroon

The best way to tell these apart, besides their appearance, of course, is flavor. Macaroons will always be coconut flavored, whereas Macarons can have virtually endless flavor possibilities. Nads’ Bakery offers more information on the differences in these treats, although both are exceptionally lovely.

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World Baking Day Recipes

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

Baked Goods ClockToday marks World Baking Day, a day to celebrate the joys of baking your favorite dishes, and for sharing recipes with friends and family. We have reached into our recipe archives and selected a few of our favorite baked good recipes for you to try on this fun holiday and throughout the year – so check them out below and make sure you’re prepared with the right kitchen tools and accents.


Two of our favorite breakfast recipes are Apple Muffins (with a cinnamon crumble topping) and White Chocolate Raspberry Scones. Covering perhaps the most desirable breakfast flavors, these baked goods will turn breakfast time into a treat, and can be made in under an hour.

Glass Cookie JarSnacktime

Pound cake is an infamous dessert and baked good, because of its simplicity and density. Our Cream Cheese Pound Cake recipe is a little spin-off of the traditional pound cake, but is just as delicious and complementary to your favorite coffee or tea than its classic relative.

After Dinner

If you saved room, Loaded Pretzel Cookies and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake Bars will take it up in no time. Delectable for after dinner and paired well with milk or tea, these chocolaty desserts hit the spot when it comes to deciding which baked goods to indulge in. They also might be the best sweets to celebrate World Baking Day with.

How will you be celebrating World Baking Day, and what is your favorite baking recipe? Share in the comments, and happy baking!

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