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Throwback Thursday: Home Decor and Project Guides

Thursday, April 19th, 2018

For this Throwback Thursday, we’ve rounded up three blog posts that are related to the upkeep of our homes, both indoors and out. Spring and early summer are great times to take stock of things that need repairing, replacing or revitalizing, and we hope these guides will help you check things off that list or give you ideas for future projects.

Thursday’s Theme: Renovations

A list of six things to keep in mind while preparing for a home renovation project, working on a renovation project, and ways to make sure any unwanted furnishings don’t go to waste.

Thursday’s Theme: Decor Guides

A roundup of – you guessed it – guides for painting, measure curtains and rugs, and one from the trusted team at This Old House.

Photo by Timberlake Custom Homes, LLCDiscover deck design ideas

Thursday’s Theme: Deck Safety

Spending time on the deck or a porch (especially with family and friends) is a highlight of spring and summer. First, though, you should make sure your deck or porch is still as safe as it was when it was first built. This blog post offers some suggestions for what to inspect and what to replace, if necessary.

Do you have any handy tips or guides you use every year when the weather starts warming up? Share with us in the comments, and we wish you well with all the projects you take on this year!

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Decorating With Color: Everyday Orange

Thursday, September 28th, 2017

Orange creates a warm, cheerful look during the fall season, but it can also be a welcoming presence throughout the year. Below we feature some ways in which you can incorporate this color into your own home stylishly and uniquely.

An orange door – interior or exterior – makes a bright statement without overpowering
a room. For an airier look, paint a multi-paned door a bold orange color; the glass will
break it up enough so it’s not too overwhelming.

Photo by The Design AtelierLook for bedroom design inspiration

If you want to try a bold entryway or have some storage space that could be reinvigorated,
go orange! It may give you the extra boost you need as you head out the door,
or serve as a fun accent piece while providing function to you and your family.

Photo by A.L. InteriorsMore entryway photos

Whether you have a window seat in your home or not, you can still add orange pillows or a throw
to any seating area to brighten it up. Or, go orange on your window treatments with luxurious fabric
for a regal, not tacky, look. Mix in other warm colors like yellow and red for a multi-dimensional feel.

Photo by JAMES DIXON ARCHITECT PCLook for hallway design inspiration
Photo by Nancy Gracia for HBS HomeMore kitchen photos

Your kitchen island is another great place to add some orange, as it will add color and spice
to one of your favorite rooms in the house. If you are without an island or don’t feel like making
such a big transformation, opt for orange accessories and countertop storage solutions.

Photo by SWANSON RENOVATIONS LLCSearch kitchen design ideas

We couldn’t end the post without some orange staple furniture! The orange of these
couches and ottoman beautifully reflect all the light pouring into this room, creating a
whimsical yet grounded look among all the wood and rustic home accents. Broken up by
neutral burlap pillows, this furniture breathes life into the room without being too dramatic.

Photo by Mackenzie Wheeler Architects & DesignersMore living room photos

As you can see, orange doesn’t just have to be the bright, almost neon color that may come instantly to mind. Experiment with red-oranges, pale oranges, yellow-oranges and burnt orange and tell us how you’ve made it work!

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Decorating With Color: Back to Black

Thursday, August 24th, 2017

Black walls and decor don’t have to be cold and foreboding; with just the right amount of balance (and sometimes guts!) black can give your home warmth and elegance.

A black door is almost as classic and timeless as a wood door. This one opens to a bright
and airy entryway, which is the perfect complement to the dark threshold.

Photo by REFINED LLCDiscover entryway design inspiration

The grains in the wood of this staircase are enhanced by the black risers and hand railing.
This beautiful combination would look even more beautiful in an entry with a black door!

Photo by Stacy JacobiSearch staircase design ideas

Black cabinets – or maybe just an island – in your country kitchen can present a real wow factor
when topped with a wood or light countertop. The lack of upper cabinets gives the black a chance
to open the space rather than make it feel claustrophobic.

Photo by Garden DesignsLook for kitchen design inspiration

If statement walls are your thing, try a solid black wall in a living room or bedroom. Adding wall art or books (in the case of this built in and fireplace), allows the black color to add depth to the entire room.

Photo by Cynthia Marks – InteriorsMore home office photos

Subtle black additions can also also create a grand look in your home. Windowsills,
counter trim and tiles will give any room a classic, clean feel. The same goes with
black furniture; combine with gold or antiqued accents for timeless appeal.

Photo by Hansen Architects, P.C.Look for bathroom design inspiration
Photo by Look for bedroom pictures

If you’re not quite ready to add black paint to the walls or furniture of your most lived-in rooms,
try it out in a pantry, closet or laundry room. You may be surprised at how charming it looks.
And if you aren’t convinced, you won’t have to stress (too much) about covering it up.

Photo by Riverbend Timber FramingDiscover laundry room design ideas

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