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Weekly Spotlight: Household Solutions from SYW

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

New to our catalog this winter, our household solutions spread offers whimsical, decorative and helpful items to you and your home. Here are five of those solutions.Fulcrum™ Light-It™ Soft-Glow Sensor Light

Soft-Glow Sensor Light by Fulcrum™

This motion sensing lighting solution works in areas of your home that don’t have electrical outlets, or are just in need of extra light, like a pantry, hallway or closet. Its weatherproof materials also make it ideal for outdoor lighting, on stairs, patios, decks and other surfaces.

The filigree design offers decorative appeal, and the warm LED lights are not too harsh on the eyes. Its mounting hardware is included as well, making this a convenient, easy-to-install home accent that illuminates your living spaces.

DayClocks – Changing the Face of Time™

Introducing a whimsical and helpful home accent to keep on a wall in your kitchen, bedroom or office. DayClocks™ were designed to help keep track of the time on a hunting or fishing trip, when there may not be digital methods available for keeping track of the days (and for when fun makes the time pass without notice). Each pie-shaped section of the clock designates which day of the week it is, but their are also other elements to this accessory. The lines separating each day indicate midnight, and the notch above each word tells you when its noon. However, if you want a clock that tells you both the day and the exact time, there’s a DayClock™ for that too. Buy one for yourself, or give as a gift to someone who has everything.

Oak DayClock™Memory Foam Cooling Pillow

Healthsmart Switch Sticks® Seat StickMemory Foam Pillow with Cooling Action

Our hooked wool pillows and decorative accent pillows add stylish comfort to your country home all day long, and now you can include a pillow that will help you get quality sleep throughout the night.

A contoured design and high-quality foam provides support and softness, and the Aloe Vera-infused cover enhances the chances of feeling more well-rested than with an ordinary pillow. In addition, a specifically designed cooling gel works to disperse body heat and keep you at a relaxed temperature as you sleep.

Stand, Unfold and Sit

An easy-to-use accessory that could make life a little easier, and long days more bearable.

The Seat Stick is perfect for long shopping trips, sporting events, parties and other occasions when you may need a break from standing. Simply unfold and rest, then when you’re ready to get back on your feet, fold it back up and put away, or use as a walking aid. The colorful pattern also offers a fun look for every day use.

Kitchen E-Cloth®

Perfect Cleaning with Just Water™

Our fifth household solution helps keep your home clean and free of bacteria, dirt and dust. E-cloths® are a revolutionary cleaning product; using just water and the specifically designed cloths, your kitchen, windows, appliances, tabletops and more will be streak-free, dirt-free and full of life.

No more paper towels, harmful chemicals or disposable cleaners; these cloths are machine washable and can be used over and over again. So dust your collectibles, wipe down your country kitchen counters and keep your windows clear all year long.

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Weekly Spotlight: Organize Your Home with Furniture

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

Knotty Pine Locker with Shelf BenchWhether the kids are headed back to school and you’re looking for a way to keep their things tidy and organized, or just need a new solution to your storage problems, these furniture pieces offer just the right space you need in any room.

Lancaster Cubby Bench

For an entryway in need of tidying up…

Rustic lockers and cubbies offer maximum space for hanging, storing and easy access to your belongings. Add a Shelf Bench or Cubby Bench for shoes and seating.

Apothecary StandRustic Country Cabinet Table

For small spaces with big storage needs…

An Apothecary Stand or Cabinet Table fit perfectly in any room without overcrowding you and other furniture. The Apothecary Stand fits craft supplies, batteries and other accessories so they’re not scattered around your home. Our Cabinet Table makes a great telephone stand (or maybe a charging station) and printer table; the possibilities are many.

Black Wood Counter Shelf

When you just need a little more space on the counter or table…

Featuring a shelf and two drawers, our Black Wood Counter Shelf is perfect for when you only need a little extra storage on the kitchen counter or a desk.

These rustic furniture pieces will not only keep you organized this fall and throughout the year, but will complement your home and decor with their rustic qualities. Show us how you organize your home for back to school, and keep up the wonderfully tidy work!

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Three Classic Living Room Looks

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Being comfortable in any room in your home can have a lot to do with the decor you complement it with. Stylish home accents speak to your tastes and lifestyle, and make excellent aesthetic and emotional impressions on family members as well as guests, especially when you integrate personal heirlooms and treasured collectibles. As a frequently used room, the living room can tie an entire home together, or stand out among other decorating styles while offering comfort and functionality to your family throughout the year. Three classic looks stick out in our minds the most, for their timeless qualities and welcoming atmospheres, as well as the ease with which you can alternate between them with just a swap of curtains and a rug or an accent pillow.

Casual Country

Solid colored furniture, nature-inspired hues and durable materials; simple decor that emanates outdoor charm and a cozy, decorative area rug on the floor completes the casual country look. An airy, lightweight curtain offers stunning window appeal and an opportunity to take in the outside view.
Rich and Rustic
Similar to casual country, a rich and rustic living room highlights more rich, darker tones of wood and furniture. Greens, dark browns rusty reds and muted naturals fill the room with log cabin charm, and are complemented by slightly whimsical decor that is primitive in design. Braided rugs are the ideal choice for the floor of this living room, as layered curtains with intricate, forested detailing are for the windows.
Sweet Elegance
A room that speaks for itself. Pinks and rosy hues give a living room sweetness, while curved iron accents and printed furniture add touches of elegance. Sweeping curtains with embroidered details give a worldly look, transforming your home into a regal destination. Black and white against the bright colors tone down the statement to keep it in line with your lifestyle while enhancing the classic look.

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