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Holiday Entertaining Essentials With Free Shipping at SYW

Friday, October 25th, 2013

The time of year for gathering around the dinner table with friends and family is nearly here. Stock up on new table linens and hostess items, and take advantage of free shipping on holiday items, going on now here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop. Free shipping on all holiday items ends December 26, 2013, be sure to grab what you like soon!

Set the Table in Style

Set the scene for harvest meals with a collection of table linens that are sure to please guests year after year. When planning for dinner parties this year, an easy way to transform a static dining room setting is to occasionally interchange table linens for double the wear and more versatility.

A vast array of placemats, tablecloths, and table runners are available now at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop; enough to ensure that the same linens will not need to be used twice this season.

Danforth Tabletop Collection
Start with rich colors directly inspired by the harvest season in our Danforth Collection. Reversible 100% cotton placemats and runner make for colorful dining with winding ferns and flowers in muted colors. Highlights of raspberry red and pumpkin orange complement the cream colored background, reversing to a coordinating stripe pattern with the same range of colors as the front.

Turkey Time Linens Terrific Turkeys and So Much More

For Thanksgiving, we recommend using our Turkey Time Linens, made here in the USA. 100% polyester fabric, with the look of burlap and the feel of cotton, combines with a printed, rustic image of a vintage turkey trotting along upon a bit of greenery.

These pieces, available in a table runner, pillow, and placemat, offer old-world appeal and a charming setting for a Thanksgiving supper place settings. Try combining these linens with pinecones and leaves gathered from outside to create an all-natural centerpiece full of handmade charm.

No Thanksgiving table is complete without matching decorative serving ware, such as the Turkey or Pumpkin salt and pepper shakers. Glazed ceramic is exquisitely painted; use the turkeys, with their accompanying ceramic fall leaf, to dress up the table display. Turkey Salt and Pepper Shakers

New Ideas for Older Decorations

Enchant guests with simple decorations that look like something straight out of a magazine. Use mini wreaths, such as the Mini Berry Nest Wreath, either all matching or various wreaths with complementary color schemes, and gather lengths of ribbon from a craft stash in the house.

We recommend using one yard of ribbon per wreath to create a lush bow that can be used to tie the wreaths to the back of dining room chairs, or to hang them from a chandelier.

Mini Berry Nest Wreath
Burlap Ribbon Inspiration from SYW Decorators

Our Burlap Ribbon arrives in a four yard roll for easy decorating. These mini wreaths can also be used as tabletop centerpieces along with the Red LED Flameless candles available.

Flame-free means no risk of fire, nor smoke damage when using these convenient candles year after year.

Quilted Chickadee Collection Easy Transition from Harvest to Holiday

When transitioning into the later part of the season, especially for dinner parties into December, we recommend our Quilted Chickadee Collection. Soft 100% cotton features white pine sprigs and black-capped chickadees along with bright highlights of winter berries atop an off-white background on placemats and runner. Just like many of our tabletop collections, these quilted options are reversible for double the wear and increased versatility. Mix things up by using half of the placemats showcasing the chickadee front, and the other half reversed to the red and green calico stripe. Guests will think that the table has been arranged by a professional decorator!

Interesting Accents Make Big Impacts

Small accents such as glass lights can add interest and mood lighting to a dining space or appetizer area. Take a look at the Cardinal Glass Lighted Jars Set; sparkling glass reflects the warm glow from holiday lights inside of these petite containers with painted images of sleepy winter towns. Use these lights in the center of a mini wreath for a whimsical display and mood lighting all in one.

Cardinal Glass Jar Light Set

For more home decorating ideas, be sure to take a look at other articles on our blog by clicking here: Decorating with SYW! For more ideas on our website, be sure to check out our large articles section on our website that is chock full of decorating ideas, tips and tricks, and seasonal thematic decorating!

Celebrate Any Season With Collectible Sculptures at SYW

Friday, October 11th, 2013
Collectible figurines have a long history across the world, from collectible sports cards to limited edition items released as incentives with other products, or as standalone items. At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, collectible items are an important piece to the country decorating puzzle, and we are happy to feature these items by popular collectibles artists.

Artist Lori Mitchell Adds A Whimsical Touch

Some collectibles are versatile enough to be used on display all year long, whereas others are special items to be placed on display but once a year. This includes the range of themed figurines available now on our website.

From witches to turkeys, we have a sculpture for everyone. Take a look what artist Lori Mitchell has to offer in Batty Betty and Wicked Willow.

These petite figures, with whimsical details and plenty of Halloween charm, are designed to bring out the holiday loving child in everyone. Just in time for Halloween decorating, and crafted from resin with handpainted details that preserve the artists original handiwork.

Wicked Willow Sculpture

Turkey Time Thanksgiving Sculpture Williraye StudioIs Full of Folk Art Charm

Well-versed collectors will recognize these next two items, as they are from the distinctive and well-known collaboration of Bobbe Punzel-Schuknecht and her husband Jeff Schuknecht, who make up Williraye Studio™.Cold cast in resin to preserve the unique richness of the artists’ carved wood sculptures, Witchy Wonderland and Turkey Time are welcome guests to a collection.

Use Turkey Time as part of the Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece, as the folk art appeal is enhanced by the snow globe encasing a plump turkey dressed as a pilgrim.

Care of Collectible Items

We recommend that collectors maintain the value of their items by keeping them well dusted when on display. When packing the figures away at the end of the season, tuck some tissue or newspaper in with the display piece to ensure that it does not suffer damage when waiting to be released next year. Resin sculptures are quite hardy, and will last for years if well taken care of.

Not to mention the fact that they make fantastic gifts for friends and family!

Witchy Wonderland Halloween Sculpture Collectible

SYW 60 Years Wooly Fuzzy Wooly® Buddies

Another easy to recognize collector’s item are the fuzzy Wooly® characters identified by their puffy wool bodies and fleece hats, often depicted completing tasks such as preparing for the winter season by chopping wood, as seen in the Splitting Wood Wooly®, or celebrating important events, such as the Sturbridge Yankee Workshop 60th Anniversary, as seen in the SYW Anniversary Wooly®.

Use these adorable additions all year long, or bring them out to enhance a mantel space during the appropriate seasons, as many options are available.

To enhance any collection, be sure to gather many figures from various artists. Although the overall style of handicraft may vary from artist to artist, they each have their own special qualities that make them unique and well-worth their display space. Right now at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we have collectible sculptures and figurines available to suit every collector’s wish list needs.

Made in the USA: Halloween Accessories

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Decorating for the holidays can be quite the chore, especially when looking for quality products that will look great on display for many years to come.  Here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, American-made Halloween themed decorations are taking center stage.

Spooked Halloween Print Bonnie White USA Made, For Your Home Display

There is something comforting about purchasing domestic goods. Perhaps it is the satisfaction that the crafting of these items provided jobs and generates local income.  Or, it could be that American-made products offer a direct connection to the artist who created them.

Whatever the reason, Sturbridge Yankee Workshop has always been, and will continue to be, proud to offer a wide range of American-made products.

Quality So Good, It’s Scary

Our Halloween themed products, including ghosts, witches, and pumpkins galore, will garner plenty of excited reactions from guests, and not just because of their domestic roots.

Grab immediate attention when guests arrive with the Headless Horseman Tabletop Display. This display is sure to delight, with the unique silhouette of the headless horseman galloping through Sleepy Hollow.

Headless Horseman Tabletop Display

Pumpkin Gourd Candy Dish Oh My Gourd!

Trick-or-treating is a pastime that many continue to enjoy well into adulthood, especially when their own children are ready for candy gathering adventures.  We recommend that candy and other Halloween treats be displayed in our dried gourd bowls, made in Pennsylvania.

With a choice of pumpkins or a ghost, younger audiences will enjoy reaching inside the pumpkin’s gaping maw for their Halloween treat.

Fun Lighting Tip!

For mood lighting on a front porch, place LED candles inside of the gourds. The flickering effect of candlelight on a porch at night is both spooky and delightful!

It also offers enough light for trick-or-treaters to find their way in the dark.

Gourd Candy Dish with LED Battery Operated Candles

Three Little Witches Print Bonnie White Whimsical Artwork

Bonnie White fans out there will appreciate the wide selection of prints available at Sturbridge, especially those geared towards the harvest season, and Halloween in particular.  With plenty of whimsical charm, the made in the USA prints titled Spooked Halloween and Three Little Witches will grace that empty space above the mantel all season long.

The Guests Have Arrived

If yard space is available, we recommend gracing a walkway with yard art that has, “spook and spunk.” Cast aluminum forms the shape of the Witch and Bat Weather Vanes.

The details on these two weather vanes are quite spectacular, and will offer a festive touch to a front or backyard all season long.  Or, proudly display these American-made pieces all year long to make a statement of the favored holiday season.

Witch Weather Vane

Witches Brew Soap Brew Up Some Soap Bubbles

Have you seen our line of American-made soaps? Our Halloween favorite bar soap, Witches Brew is a big hit. You can have your first cup of coffee in the shower with this soap, as it is Turkish mocha scented!

The detailed soap wrapper, with the delightful image of a witch crafting a Halloween brew, reads, ‘Magickal things are crafted in this Kitchen.’

Use this bar of soap for decorative display or brew up some bubbles when washing up for supper.

No matter what spell you cast this Halloween, be sure to bring American-made products from Sturbridge Yankee Workshop into your home.